How You Can Benefit from Video Remote Interpreting

The language translation industry is constantly changing and improving to better facilitate accurate and timely interpretation services. With new technology, you can now access and connect with experienced language interpreters through comprehensive video remote interpreting (VRI). Through crystal-clear audio and high-quality video, the VRI experience will make you feel as if the interpreter is right there in the room with you. VRI is ideal for virtually any setting, including hospital/doctor visits, business meetings, conferences, or even at school.
If you desire a more intimate interpretation experience than over the phone, and don’t have the time or budget for an on-site interpreter, then VRI is the solution for you. This service offers the convenience of connectivity within seconds, eliminates travel time and distance, and allows you to avoid the wait time associated with on-site interpretation. You will be connected with a trained professional who is tested and monitored for proficiency in language translation involving medical, legal, financial, and academic interactions.
VRI is gaining popularity across many industries and is relied upon every day for instant real-time communication. Doctors can reduce the risk of medical errors, and business professionals can form more meaningful relationships with diverse customers. Access to VRI means you never have to worry about language barriers getting in the way of clear communication.
There is no need for expensive equipment or software—you can use your own device. With the touch of a button on your phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop, you can receive on-demand access for top requested language interpretation, including American Sign Language (ASL). The convenience of access to rigorously trained professional interpreters fosters trust, rapport, and cooperation by communicating in-language, person-to-person.
VRI serves as the bridge between the language and cultural barriers of the Limited English Proficient and the care, service, and experience they expect. Improve satisfaction and build trust with secure VRI from Executive Language Services. Contact us and learn how you can get started today!

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