How Technology Changes the Game for Legal Interpreting

Advancements in technology have changed every aspect of the legal profession over the years, from court reporting and presentations, to electronic case management systems. All technologies are designed to let legal professionals spend less time on things like administrative work and travel expenses, and more time on actual client cases.

Perhaps one of the newest technology players on the legal field is video remote interpreting (VRI) services, allowing non-English-speaking individuals involved in a suit to communicate effectively, accurately, and instantly.
Any instance where communication is compromised can put either party at risk. When considering the legal implications of miscommunication during a suit, having one or both sides of the legal line unable to speak, read, write or understand English can change everything. Think of clients who need to file a claim, sign a contract, or make a deposition. One comma or word can change the entire meaning of an intended communication.
Proper, qualified interpreting services are important in many situations. But in the case of legal situations – they're critical. However, if your client is across town and your interpreter is across the country, what's a well-intentioned lawyer to do? Flying an interpreter in to town and housing them over the course of preliminary and ongoing situations may be cost prohibitive. And while it's certainly possible to conduct language interpreting over the phone, think of how much is lost in the non-verbal communication cues between parties.
One company has pioneered the introduction of video remote interpreting technology into the legal field in Michigan. Executive Language Services of Bloomfield Hills allows lawyers and their associated clients to communicate 100% accurately, effectively, and instantly via virtual interpreting.
Video interpreting is a cost-effective solution for multi-lingual interpretation needs, giving access to professional video interpreters within minutes. "Interpreting over the Internet eliminates the need for travel or advance scheduling," said Carlos Hesano, Chief Operating Officer at Executive Language Services. "We've seen about a 65% lift in clients asking for interpreting services over the web since we introduced this into our lineup of services." The video interpreter appears on your computer monitor, where you will be able to see and hear them as if they are right there with you.
"One client concern we get asked about frequently is about privacy. That's a hot topic these days," says Rita Denha, President of ELS. "In health care and legal services, privacy is critical. All interpreting services conducted over the Internet are 100% privacy controlled, and comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)."
As the world continues to move at light speed, we'll continue to watch technologies stay one step ahead. Video interpreting services is surely going to be one of those technologies to watch.

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