Face-to-Face Interpretations

Bloomfield Hills' Top Face-to-Face Interpreting Services

Face-to-Face Interpreting Services in Bloomfield Hills, MI by Executive Language Services, Inc.When you need a professional interpreter by your side, we’ll be right there! At Executive Language Services, Inc., we know that a language barrier can be a difficult and sometimes frustrating thing to work through. Given the thousands of languages in the world, the millions of words, and the countless number of cultural gestures, it’s easy for things to get lost in translation. If you’re attempting to haphazardly communicate something of importance to a person who speaks another language, you may portray the wrong idea, or worse, offend them. By selecting Executive Language Services, Inc. as your on-site interpreter, we prevent communication mishaps and lead to effective conversations. 

Face-to-face interpretations may be a preferred solution for meetings that require extra human interaction and visual contact. 

Our highly-trained and accredited face-to-face interpreters at Executive Language Services, Inc. can seamlessly facilitate communication between two or more parties who do not speak the same language. The business world is full of international interactions daily, so ensuring that your client is understood and understands you is of key importance to critical business proceedings. Whether you’re closing a major deal or working out a legal dispute, accurate communication is key. Our interpreters can speak over 200 languages and dialects, so we’re sure to have someone in our network that is able to translate your next face-to-face interaction! 

When to use on-site interpreting:

  • Meetings or interviews
  • Complex, time-consuming issues that are better hashed out in person 
  • Group settings with multiple languages
  • Overall preference to have someone who understands by their side
  • Highly-sensitive situations that can be misconstrued by improper communication 
  • For those uncomfortable using the telephone

What should I expect when selecting an on-site interpreter from Executive Language Services, Inc.?

Our highly-qualified and trained interpreters are always reliable and professional. Depending on our client’s preferences and comfort, the gender and dialect of any interpreter can be requested. Each of our interpreters are screened and tested for your peace of mind, and will maintain your client’s confidentiality, according to the Interpreter Code of Ethics. Each interpreter has the knowledge and experience to accurately convey complex or sensitive subject matter.

When every word counts, ensure your translation is authentic and accurate. Contact Executive Language Services, Inc. today to request our translation services!