On-site Interpreting

Need a professional interpreter by your side?

We’ll be right there.
On-Site Interpretation Services may be a preferred solution for meetings that require extra human interaction and visual contact. Our highly trained and accredited face-to-face interpreters at Executive Language Services can seamlessly facilitate communication between two or more parties who do not speak the same language.

When to use on-site interpreting:

  • Meetings or interviews
  • Complex, time-consuming issues
  • Group settings with multiple languages
  • Overall preference to have someone who understands by their side
  • Highly sensitive situations
  • For those uncomfortable using the telephone

Who will you get?

  • Our highly qualified trained interpreters are always reliable and professional.
  • The gender and dialect of any interpreter can be requested.
  • Interpreters are screened and tested for your peace of mind and will maintain your client’s confidentiality, according to the Interpreter Code of Ethics.
  • Each interpreter has the knowledge and experience to accurately convey complex or sensitive subject matter.

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