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Executive Language Service is Lansing MI's leading provider of phone, video and on-site interpreting, translation and localization services, and comprehensive language solutions. Established in 1980, Executive Language Services has over 35 years of experience helping bridge language and cultural barriers. We provide rapid turnaround, competitive rates, and certification and notarization of all legal documents within 24 hours' notice.

With over 1,000 interpreters in our network, we can be available in as quickly as 30 minutes. Our network consists of highly-educated, professional, competent and experienced interpreters in a variety of languages. Apart from being bilingual, most of our interpreters can converse in more than one dialect and many are trilingual, etc. In today's multicultural world, our interpreting and translation services play an increasingly vital role for the clients we serve.

Executive Language Services is a proud member of:

  • The American Translators Association
  • Michigan Translators / Interpreters Network, Inc.
  • Michigan Business Professional Association
  • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  • Dunn & Bradstreet

Lansing MI's Most Trusted Source for Interpreting & Language Translation Solutions

Executive Language Services is committed to consistently providing clients with exceptional customer service support. We promise to make quality customer service a top priority for all of our clients and to approach every situation with a positive, can do, ready to serve attitude.

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Executive Language Services will work with each client individually and advise on the best products, processes and outputs for a given translation and localization project. We will also work within your existing processes, use your organization's specific terminology and reference materials, if available, and follow your style guides. Our services include:

On-Site Interpreting

Our network of face-to-face Interpreters are available for conferences, client visits, events, examinations, court cases, or whatever your specific need may be. We offer professional Linguists proficient in terminology and lexicon for virtually any subject area and who are available globally.

When to use on-site interpreting:

  • Meetings or interviews
  • Complex, time-consuming issues
  • Group settings with multiple languages
  • Overall preference to have someone who understands by their side
  • Highly sensitive situations
  • For those uncomfortable using the telephone

Phone Interpreting

Whether you are face-to-face or on the phone with a Limited English Proficiency (LEP) speaker, Interpreting by Telephone (IBT) by Executive Language Services is the fastest and easiest way to eliminate global language barriers that are affecting the flow of communication.

ELS is able to provide dual handset corded and wireless phones for analog phone systems. For digital systems, ELS can provide additional handset cradles that connect directly to existing digital phones, effectively converting the unit to a dual handset device. All types of phones include usage instructions.

Video Remote Interpreting

Video Interpreting is a simple, reliable and cost-effective solution for multilingual interpretation needs, giving you access to professional video interpreters within minutes. Interpreting via the Internet eliminates the need for travel or advance scheduling. The video interpreter appears on your computer monitor, where you will be able to see and hear them as if they are right there with you. This application is used mainly with our hospital partners, but is rapidly growing across the law industry.

All video interpreting conducted is 100% secure and inaccessible by outside parties. It is also in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). Video interpreting service is accessible from any location and abroad.

Document Translation

When client communication is critical, use Executive Language Services for new translations, or to edit and proofread existing documents. Our interpreters are experienced in translating highly sensitive and important documents like contracts, forms, depositions, and applications.

We provide sophisticated translation services and rigorous quality control to help clients overcome linguistic barriers so they may conduct international business more effectively. Our extensive experience in interpretation services enables the professionals of Executive Language Services to understand the critical role that qualified linguists perform in support of clients around the world.

Client Testimonials

"We would like to thank you for the excellent assistance of you interpreter at the trial of this matter, as well as at the filmed SKYPE depositions. Her translation was never questioned by the plaintiff attorney. Although she conducts herself professionally, she was very warm and kind towards the defendant, and we appreciate her kindness and professionalism." Fitchett, Prena, Eavenson and Fredericks Law Office

For all of your translation and interpreting needs, contact Executive Language Services. We are happy to be right there to provide a solution for you!

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