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In partnership with Executive Language Services, Inc., Executive Interpreter & Training Services is one of only two Michigan's licensed Medical Interpreter Training Programs with an Authorized Instructor - Izabella Gavric
Founded in 1980 by Director and CEO Rita Denha, Executive Language Services, Inc. offers competent and experienced interpreters and translation in more than 175 languages and dialects. We provide on-site oral interpretations (consecutive and simultaneous) for IME medical appointments, hospitals, health care agencies, depositions, trials, judiciary system, business meetings and conference calls. We provide unparalleled service in a variety of industries.
Our clients include the Social Security Administration, Michigan Department of Human Services, National Labor Relations Board, legal, medical and insurance industries, corporations and the private sectors.
We have developed the largest network of experienced interpreters and translators, which has earned us a highly respected reputation in the interpretation / translation industry. Our agency has developed sophisticated recruiting techniques to locate skilled interpreters in a variety of languages.
The majority of our interpreters are native speakers or have a B.A. in the foreign language. Most have a degree in a variety of fields, are professional, competent and converse in multiple dialects. 

Proud Member of:

  • The American Translators Association
  • Michigan Translators / Interpreters Network, Inc.
  • Michigan Business Professional Association
  • Dunn & Bradstreet

Meet Our Instructor

Izabella Gavric

Izabella Gavric has 20 years of experience as a community interpreter and translator (legal, medical, etc) and more than 11 years of experience as an educator as an interpreting instructor, ESL (English as a Second Language) and VELT (Vocational English Language Training) trainer, as well as a cross-cultural relations trainer and consultant. She created and developed a lesson plan and trained other instructors to teach a legal and medical interpreting course funded by the State of Michigan and through LSSM (Lutheran Social Services of MI), first of its kind in Michigan. She is the author/editor of a general interpreting manual “Introduction to Interpreting” used in training of the interpreting courses funded by the State of Michigan. Also, she has conducted workshops in association with the State Court Administrative Office in Lansing, Michigan and presented lectures to medical professionals regarding the interpreting profession.
Izabella has completed various training courses nationwide regarding interpreting and teaching. She has researched and translated material for Dr. Sheri Fink, author of “War Hospital-A True Story of Surgery and Survival.” She has served as a trainer, educator, consultant, language evaluator (foreign language college credit for Wayne State University), interpreting evaluator, and editor. Actively involved in improving the interpreting profession as a whole, formally educated in both former Yugoslavia (Art History) and the United States (Interior Design), Izabella is also icensed as a "Bridging the Gap" medical interpreting instructor through CCHCP in Seattle, Wa.

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